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Welcome to Passive Wealth Network – Your Source For Secure Alternatives in Wealth Building, Estate Protection, Debt Management, and More Income.

Who do you know who is NOT earning 6 to 12%* on passive cash, such as an IRA, 401k, CD’s or other funds, secured by solid real estate equity? 

As a Free Member, you can get full access to education on these strategies and tools to having it done for you. We are dedicated to the success of our members and their friends.

We generally offer TWO major ways to achieve results. Get DETAILS

All we ask is to show you proof you can verify.

You can also join our notification list to hear about opportunities for education on passive real estate situation that arise, and on how to access opportunities to lend money to our qualified members at around 3 to 4 times CD rates, secures with plenty of real estate equity protection. Active real estate investors post these on a first come first serve basis (usually be email or on our message board). So watch carefully.  As with all investing there is risk, but risk is mitigated by equity in these case. The final choice is always yours.

Professional Associates Needed Nationwide

For those who have less funds or know others who may want to participate, and you can use extra income from a highly professional opportunity… we also offer methods you can participate in our unique business model as an associate of Strongbrook DETAILS HERE

NOTE: Tax advice is not the goal of any of our programs.

FOR WEBSITE SUPPORT USE:  support@passivewealth.biz

* percentages are based on average rates many investors agree to on private real estate secured notes.

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